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Chinese plans to send a man into space undeterred.

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According to the BBC website the Chinese are not undaunted by the recent disaster of the U.S shuttle. The Chinese still planís to launch its first man into space by the end of this year. The Chinese do say that they deeply regrets and feel sorrowful the lost of the seven crewmembers of the Columbia. It is Chinas hope to learn from the mishap and apply the lessons learned the their own program. In another story Chinese President Jiang Zemin on Sunday expressed condolences to US President George W Bush over the Columbia tragedy, but he too insisted space exploration must continue. In a message to Bush, Jiang said China "deeply regrets" the disaster and the death of Columbia's seven-member crew, the Xinhua news agency reported. However, Jiang said he believed humanity "should continue and make further progress in space exploration despite the setback."

The Planetary society is going to China in April.

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Astronaut Owen Garriott will lead The Planetary Society expedition to China April 4-18, 2003. The expedition will include visits to China's Satellite Launching Center, the new Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, and the Purple Mountain Museum and Observatory near Shanghai, which showcases ancient Chinese astronomical instruments. Chinese space scientists will meet with members of the tour


The economic and security reasons behind the Chinese manned space program.

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Here is a very good story from the website voice of America. It explains may of the reasons why China is developing itís manned space program. The story states the many economic and military benefits that will come from it. Much of the benefits well come in the form of better computers as well as other high tech industries. It well also help itís military to spy on other counties.

China plans to launch 8 satellites and 1 spacecraft this year.

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According to the peopleís daily China plans to launch 8 satellites and 1 spacecraft this year. But no details where even as to what types of satellites were to be launched or the launch dates. But the story does go on to the types of satellites that have been launched in the past. Most of the satellites that the story mentions are weather and resource-probing satellites. Some of the satellites are in low earth orbit and others are in whatís called geo-orbit.

China plans manned launch in October.

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According to the website Space Daily the launch of Chinas first manned space mission will take place some in or around the month of October.

Laser reflectors on the Shenzhou 4 orbital module measures the ocean better then before.

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According to the peoples daily new laser reflectors on the Shenzhou 4ís orbital module. Gives China the ability to measure the oceans a thousand times better then ever before. This can help predict tile waves and the El Nine phenomena. The story goes on to say that there where a total of four observatory stations one of which was in Shanghai. The Shanghai station made over two thousand measurements and the data is still being analyzed.

Chinese astronauts are ready to go.

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According the website China,org. Chinas astronauts are ready for space. The story outlines many of the requirements that astronauts most have in order to qualify. Some of the requirements are you most pass a very lengthy physical examination that actually requires a month long stay. It even requires examination of their partners. The story goes no to say that the astronauts most have at least one thousand hours of flight time. Was well as at least four years of college education. A Chinese astronaut most also receive three too five years of training which is the equivalent of a college education.

One of Chinas astronauts has been named

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According to the website one of the members of the Chinese astronaut core has been named. Heís name is Chen long. According to mister Chen long has been given the go a head to pilot a Shenzhou spacecraft that is to be launch on top of a long march rocket. But the story does not say whether he will be the one who is be launched as the first Chinese in space or not.

Chinese space dreams

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Hereís a very good from the Xinuanet website that touch my heart. It shows Chinas long hold dream to send a man into space. China is a grate nation with grate dreams.

The Shenzhou 4 reentry capsule has landed

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According to the space daily website the reentry capsule of Shenzhou #4 has landed in Inner Mongolia sometime Sunday morning. Space daily goes on to say that the landing was successful and with out any incident. Which means that the flight of Shenzhou 4 has been a success and the manned launch will take place sometime this year.

China is drawing up plans for the moon

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According to the peopleís daily a mister Guo Baozhu. Who is a vice administrator of the Chinese National Space Academy . Who was attending a space summit. Which was being held at the science congress in the southern Indian City of Bangalore. The vice administator said ďThe lunar exploration program is in the study phase and is awaiting government approval.Ē He went on to say that China has 12 different launch vehicles, the heaviest of which can put 5.1 tons of payload into geostationary transfer orbit. He also added China is willing to cooperate with other nations in space science and applications.

Shenzhou 4 heading home.

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According to the peoples daily website the Shenzhou 4ís reentry capsule is to land in Inner Mongolia sometime this Sunday afternoon. The story goes on to say that the spacecraft is doing well and all scientific experiments are being carried out as planed. So it does appear that the flight of Shenzhou #4 has been a success.

Shenzhou 5 well launch later this year.

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The peopleís daily website quoted an official of the Shanghai aerospace bureau by the name of Yuan Jie. Mr Jie said that the launch of Shenzhou 5 well take place sometime in the second half of this year. It would realize China long tram dream of putting a man into space.

Shenzhou ready to go.

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According to this story done by the peopleís daily. Mr Yuan Jiaijun the general director of the Jiuquan satellite launch center. Says the Shenzhou spacecraft is all ready for a manned flight sometime soon. He says that the launch of the Shenzhou 4 spacecraft was almost identical to that of a manned launch. Even going so far as to have astronauts train onboard the spacecraft for about a week. The story goes on to say the spacecraft has also been supplied with a sleeping bag and food as well as other hygiene articles.

Shenzhou #4 has been launched.

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According to the People daily the launch of China fourth unmanned test spacecraft called Shenzhou. Took place at 10:15 pm Beijing time at the Jiuquan satellite launch center in northwestern Gaunsh province. Many feel that if this launch goes as planed then this will be Chinas last unmanned test flight. As It has been said before the manned flight could take place sometime next year.

China could launch Shenzhou #4 sometime this weekend.

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According to space daily preparations are underway for the launch of Shenzhou #4. Which is to take place sometime this weekend. The space daily goes on to say that the twelve Chinese astronauts will by at the launch site as well as some of China top officials. The mission of Shenzhou 4 will be the same as Shenzhou #3ís was. It well orbits the earth 108 times at an altitude of 343 kmís up. At least two or three mannequins or (analogue humans) well be onboard the spacecraft. Once again this could be Chinas last unmanned space flight before their manned flight sometime next year.

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China celebrates over 45 years in space.

By opening a new space museum dedicated to the Institute of rocket carrier technology in Beijing. At the ceremony a bronze statue of the late Qian Xuesen was put on display. Mr. Qian was the first president of the institute. According to the story the institute has carried out 58 launchings and sent 61 space probes including 27 foreign satellites and three home-made "Shenzhou" spacecraft into the orbit.

China and the International space station.

China is showing some new interest in the international space station. Here are a few stories that may show some tentative first steps between China and the rest of the International space community in the field of manned space flight.

Story one

China is going to send a kilogram of rice seed to the I.S.S some time next year. This is the first experiment that China well perform onboard the space station. No word was given as to whether China well uses their own astronauts or use others onboard form different counties.

Story two

China is hoping to add to the space station another robotic arm to the orbiting outpost. The story goes on to say that the arm is very similar to the one that is already onboard the space station called Canadian arm two. The Chinese arm is developed by the National Aerospace high technology space robotics engineering research center. No time line was given as to when or if the Chinese arm well be given to the space station. But is it ever does show up at the station then it will be Chinaís first big contribution to the orbiting outpost and it should make it a real International space station.

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The President of China on his visit to the United States made a stop off at the Johnson space center on Oct 24. During the short visit to the center no details where given about the reasons for the visit. One of President Jiangís staff said that the President only engaged in small talk with some of the Johnson center staff. But as far as I know this was the first time that a Chinese President had visited the center.

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Hereís fallow up story from the Chinese web site
Here is a quote from the story:

According to a recently published article in the weekly journal Outlook, China will take three steps in carrying out its moon landing program: the first step is to launch space laboratories and flying machines into orbit to search for valuable resources; the second step is to send space robots to moon; the third step is to realize a manned moon landing. Although a specific date for the moon landing is yet to be determined, space scientists are confident that the time required for Chinaís first manned moon landing will be significantly less than for the US.

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Here is a good story from MSNBC web site about how China plans to send a man to the moon by 2010. The story does raise some questions as to why China is even going to the moon. For one it points out that China may not have the financial where for all to mount such a mission. The Chinese have there billions of people to feed and they now have record numbers of people who are leadoff from work to pay for. The story goes on to suggests that one of the reasons China is doing this. Is because President Jiang Zemin wants to put heís name in the history books. It also goes on to suggest that the Chinese are making up for last time. The Chinese know that they were at one time leaders in the world of technology and science, culture over hundreds of years ago. But through time and circumstance have lost their lead in these fields. But with the new space program they hope to regain some of their lost glory.

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Hereís another good story from the web site Space Daily. According the space daily. China has reported that the mission of the unmanned spacecraft call shenzhou #3 has been completed. The spacecraft that was launched back in march of earlier this year. The story goes on to say that the spacecraft has completed over 2,821 obits of the earth and the Chinese Shenzhou #3 was able to perform observations of the earth with infrared detectors. Which gave useful information on the Earths atmosphere. The story also goes on to say that the Chinese feel that the spacecraft has successfully tested the technology that is needed for a manned flight. But they did say that there would be another unmanned test flight some time early next year. The story also does not say what well happen to the spacecraft now that the mission is over. There has been some that the orbital module will either dock with shenzhou 4 or at least radius with one another.

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Geofferey A. Landis, a noted American scientist from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), gave a public science lecture about "Mars and Space" in the China Science and Technology Museum on Saturday afternoon in Beijing, China. Accompanied by a slide show, Dr. Landis lectured about the features of Mars and about America's plans to explore it. He also took questions from Chinese astronomy buffs present. A graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master's degree in electronic engineering, Dr. Landis was awarded a doctoral degree in solid physics in 1989. The NASA program manager is affectionately prestigious by many young readers in China as "Uncle Martian" due to his numerous vivid science fictions works on the topic. The lecture was co-organized by the China Science and Technology Museum, Beijing Evening News, the press of Science Fiction World magazine and the Beijing Planetarium

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Hereís another good story from the web site Space Daily about the Chinese manned space program. One of the first things that the Space story Daily does points out. Is the fact that the story about China launching their fourth unmanned Shenzhou spacecraft on January the 10th isnít entirely accurate. According to an unnamed designer close to the Chinese space program ďUp until now Shenzhou-4 has not been set with a precise launch time. and ďI don't know where the media obtains the news," But he did go on to say that the reason why they could not give an exact launch date was because of continued improvements to the spacecraft that could cause delays in the launch. But one thing that was very interesting me was the fact that the top designer said. That if the launch of Shenzhou 4 was successful then the launch of Chinas first manned mission could happen by October of next year.

The story goes on say that there will be two dummies on the spacecraft and over 54 different types of scientific experiments onboard. Some of the experiments will be digital remote sensing instruments for collecting data on the physical states of the land and the sea. Some of this equipment will be carried up into space for the very first time. Other parts the of the scientific experiments will be more seeds that could help out with Chinese agriculture and the over all economy.

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According to the Peoples Daily web site an exact time and date has been set for the launch of Shenzhou #4. According to the peoples Daily the launch has been set for January 10th next year. Also the spacecraft will be exactly the same as their manned craft will be. All this comes from an unnamed top government official.

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According to the Space Daily China is planed to launch over two hundred satellites by the year 2020. The need more satellites is telecommunication and weather forecasting and other forms of scientific research. The story goes on to say that the Chinese are developing a next generation of high powered rocket that is more environmentally friendly. Last May the Chinese did launch two satellite on the same rocket.
Heres that story.

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According to the American news service CNN. There are plans by the Chinese government to launch another of their unmanned spacecraft call Shenzhou. The news story goes on to say that the exact date isn't know. But does go on say that according to top Chinese officials have confirmed that there will be another launch of the Shenzhou launch vehicle some time before the end of this year.