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Shenzhou in orbitThis is an amateur website about the Chinese space program. It is my hope to use this site to collect news and information on the Chinese space program and all things related to Chinese space.

Also the general purpose of this web site is to be an online community for people like me who are very interested in the comings and goings of the Chinese space program. If you are like me then I hope you will like this site very much and feel free to make this site your home. I will try to update this site whenever news comes in about the Chinese space program as soon as I can. So please come back from time to time. Also I have a message board where you can post up your own information so you and I can talk and share what we know and try and find out what we donít know.

Announcement : China Space Flight has put together a brand new message board. To go to the new board just click the message board link on the navigation bar up top. I tried making the board available to every one with out having too have a membership frist. If you have any problems with the new board please let me know by going to the C.S.F contact page, Thank you.

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